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Who are we? — Why us?

SpeakLab is your way to assimilate in a new country. Our goal is to help you settle into your new home by guiding you through each step, making valuable connections, and assisting you in developing the skills you need by providing an interactive community and supportive environment based on sharing experience, knowledge exchange, and business relationships.


A huge community of international expats. Over 12,000 members have joined our groups. We’ve been organizing events and activities for over three years and keep growing.


We are proud to have the expertise of a talented network of professionals based in various countries, which we consistently put to the service of our members on a daily basis.


Our main goal is to build long-term, trust-based relationships with our strong base of loyal members and partners by providing experienced and tailored assistance so they can create value and achieve their objectives.


We organize weekly meetings and events to help you build your local network, develop your skills, discover new opportunities, and have fun with your new friends.

SpeakLab App — available in stores

SpeakLab App was created to connect users from around the world and provide up-to-date information about communities and local events.

SpeakLab app on iPhone

SpeakLab App is your way to be connected to the local community and be updated about current events.


Events are available both offline and online. This means you can meet people without even leaving home.


Don’t waste your time on things you don't need, let our AI technology recommend you events specific to your language and interests.

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Our members about us

SpeakLab is a great way to get settled, receive valuable recommendations on each stage: from opening the company, bank account to finding new suppliers, clients and local partners. Great place for expats who want to mix with the locals! Léa Denimal
SpeakLab - just awesome! It helped me get prepared to the job interview in Italian. And I’m also making new friends from all over the world! Polina Bulgakova
I'm really glad that I found this Community. In this community there are hospitality, a good atmosphere, great people and interesting topics. I meet interesting people and I really love these events. Anastasia Downs

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